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Name:Detective Shraeger

The Basics:
Detective Shraeger
Me Me Bunny

The Unusuals

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Personality, Abilities, Possessions:
Personality: Casey grew up rich, like, her last name is on buildings and charities rich. This may seem like history but it is the building block for her entire outlook on the world, she hates all this money. She hates how people with money act, feel the world owes them, can get away with anything they want because they have money. Most of it isn’t even stuff they worked for, it’s stuff some dead guy they’re related to worked for. And with that mindset there were really only two options for her; fight for the honor of Israel or become a cop. She always liked Donuts.

She finds the world is unfair, bullies, jerks, sadistic types doing what they want and getting away with it because the power is on their side. Money, abusing their badge, abusing their station all to do what they want. This is what drives her, she started out at the top, hated everything about it, and gave it all up to do a job that needs to be done. Catch criminals, dispense justice. A part of her life she hid, fearing it would alienate her coworkers and lead to special treatment due to her dad owning large portions of New York City.

She’s good at her work, she loves the work, thinks it means something. She does the job, by the book (to an extent), she understands that underneath the rules there are unwritten rules that are just as valuable. She’s able to do all the parts of the job interchangeably making her a valuable asset. Casey puts more value on what’s fair than what’s by the book without becoming a loose cannon. She was brought into the precinct simply because she is not the type to be swayed by any coercion.

As the newest member of the ‘family’ that is the Second, she’s got the usual rough spots that come with being the rookie. She’s confident but aware of her limitations a a rookie, needing to have some things about the job explained to her. Walsh (her partner) is pretty kind to her about this, except when he feels she needs a kick in the pants. His being gentle has probably helped keep her on the path to being a great cop. She’s still a bit too invested in cases, and trusting of the perps. But she’s learning, and growing more cynical as she goes.

When she’s off the job... she isn’t. She’s one of those cops that lives her job, she’s defined herself by it. She has a guy but she has a hard time balancing that he likes the finer things, and she’s forsaken them. She’s also a cop, which means she’s the man in bed (at least according to her boyfriend). The imbalance of her doing whatever she can to spit on her old life has pretty much made her a wreck. She covers most of this by being openly defiant, and directly confrontational with anyone that asks questions she doesn’t want to answer. She’s rude and abrasive as a general standard, then eventually eases into something a bit closer to ‘kind.’

Just your average runaway princess turned cop, nothing to see here.

Abilities: Cop abilities, to do cop things. Investigate, chase down perps, shoot things, eat donuts, get into fistfights, research, interrogation. She started in robbery, then vice, then homicide, so she knows her way around all manner of crime scene and situation. She can also dress as a convincing hooker. Due to her family coming from Money she knows her way around financial information and spreadsheets.

  • Badge
  • Gun + Bullets.
  • Cuffs.
  • Vest.

History and Timeline:
History: Casey Beatrice Shraeger, daughter of the affluent and powerful Walter Shraeger (who is definitely not Prince Humperdink) grew up with the best schools and future money could buy. Literally, there was no way she could go wrong, her dad’s that rich. She bounced a few prep schools because she did not fit in, and didn’t take to the rich socialite lifestyle. Culminating in dropping out of Harvard to become a cop. Worked in Robbery, then Vice (where she dressed as the hooker), until one night she was transferred to the Second Precinct. Which is where things get weird...

Not like X-Files weird, just... New York has a lot of people, and a lot of those people are strange. And a few of those strange people commit crimes, and those crimes end up being taken to the Second. Somehow, someway, every time. She came in to investigate the death of a dirty cop, who in spite of all his flaws, his cheating, gambling, lying, and keeping files on his coworkers... acted as a big brother to down and out youths and was beloved by his wife. Which is how Shraeger met her new coworkers. Each one strange and out there, but fortunately the only one she has to deal with is Walsh, her partner.

Of the lot he’s the least out there, but definitely unique. As her partner, given she’s the rookie and he’s been at this a while he takes the mentor role in the relationship. Filling her educational gaps with the way of things in a real homicide precinct. How the rules work, and how the rules beneath the rules work. When you play by the book, and when you play outside the lines. She respects him, even if he isn’t entirely honest... or nice. But usually he targets the one person in the group that deserves to be ruffled. Her time at the second wasn’t perfect, she screwed up a few times... but she fixed them.

Until one day, she took a door and fell to sleep...

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